What Can I Do?

Here are some of the actions we took that helped the most when we were new to game-free living.

Abstinence one day at a time. We made our #1 goal to simply not start that first game between now and the end of the day. We don’t even think about staying off games for a week or a month or a year. We take it one day at a time. number1sm
Attended meetings. We came to some meetings, introduced ourselves, listened and tried to identify.  We tried out some of the suggestions we heard from those successfully staying off games. Meetings
Asked for help. We spoke up whenever we were struggling, accepted some help, and got to know other people who are working on the same things. cgaaLogo_sm
Listened to others’ stories. We read and listened to the stories of other members, and tried to identify rather than compare. Listen
Sought a sponsor. We found someone who had successfully stayed off games long-term and learned from him or her.


Here are a few additional approaches that we found helpful.

  • We kept fresh the memories of the pain and problems from our last binges on gaming.
  • Coped with the withdrawal symptoms, knowing they pass with time.
  • Kept a written list of activities handy, to use when an urge to game was mentally blocking those other options out.
  • Allowed ourselves relaxation time, exercise, and plenty of sleep.