Typical meeting etiquette

Directions for StepChat Online meeting schedule
Directions for Mumble
  • Just listening is fine. You don’t have to share if you don’t want to.
  • One person shares at a time. We focus on listening to the person sharing and trying to identify. Having overlapping conversations and responses would be too distracting and difficult to follow. We avoid cross talk.
  • We share experience, strength and hope. Each person shares from personal experience. We generally refrain from theorizing, preaching, or talking about other people.
  • We refrain from advising. We might share personal experience in response to what someone else shared, but we generally refrain from giving advice or talking about the other person.
  • We respect anonymity. Each person decides how much or how little personal information to divulge. Most meeting leaders will ask attendees to treat the meeting as confidential and not gossip about who was at the meeting.
  • Topics are optional. Some meetings have a topic for discussion. They are always optional. Anyone who has a burning question or need for help is welcome to ask. Anyone is welcome to give a brief check-in unrelated to the topic.