Sign up to make local contacts

IN DEVELOPMENT: The Local Contact tool will be available in July 2014. See Local Meetings to see if a group is forming in your area.

In C.G.A.A. most of us have accepted that by ourselves we cannot escape the vicious cycle of gaming addiction. We need support, shared experience, friends in recovery, and accountability.

Soon, we will provide a tool for making local contacts. After entering an email address, your approximate location, and how far you are willing to travel, the Local Contact Tool will notify you by email of any other members who are within your area. Your privacy will be strictly upheld:

  • Your email address will be used for no other purpose. You can create a new email address for this use if you prefer.
  • Your address will not be given out to anyone. It is used only for calculating distances from other members.
  • You can leave your street number out or give the address of a nearby business, to preserve anonymity.