CGAA Service Structure

Tradition 9: CGAA, as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.

We use an upside-down pyramid to show where the power of decision-making lies in the CGAA service structure.  Groups are at the top.  No one compels them to do anything, and they have the power to direct the service structure beneath them.

CGAA International Services (CGAAIS) is at the bottom of the pyramid.  It holds no power over the fellowship of CGAA.   CGAAIS is a non-profit service organization that handles publishing literature, maintaining the CGAA website, answering inquiries, paying the bills, managing volunteer staff, and meeting legal requirements.  Delegates from the groups direct CGAAIS through the General Service Conference.

The General Service Conference is a meeting of group delegates and CGAAIS trustees who together decide on the overall direction of CGAAIS and decide matters such as the content of CGAA literature and the website, how to answer inquiries, the wording of steps, traditions, GSC charter, and CGAAIS bylaws, and public outreach.

For agendas, meeting notes, and detailed discussion, see the CGAA Group Conscience forums.


Group Conscience / Business Meeting

General Service Conference

Trustees Meeting

Literature Committee

Who can attend?

Anyone with the desire to stop gaming

Anyone with the desire to stop gaming

Anyone with the desire to stop gaming

Anyone with the desire to stop gaming

Who has a vote?

Any attendee who has decided to join the group

Trustees and Delegates from groups

Those elected as trustees to the board of CGAAIS

Members with six months off games and attendance at three committee meetings

What do they do?

Decide how to run the meetings they have organized

Make decisions on literature, website, legal matters, nonprofit finances

Carry out GSC decisions and manage CGAAIS

Gather, organize, write, and edit material for CGAA literature

Takes direction from

No one but their own group conscience

The groups (as communicated by group Delegates)

The General Service Conference

The General Service Conference

Gives direction to

The General Service Conference

Trustees of CGAA International Services

CGAA International Services

No one