Self-support through member contributions

The seventh of our Twelve Traditions states: “Every C.G.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”  We have no dues or fees, but we do have some expenses.

What’s a typical contribution?  In face-to-face meetings, members usually contribute $1 at each meeting they attend to help the group pay for rent and refreshments.  Since our expenses are less than that of a typical face-to-face-meeting, a good guideline might be to contribute $1 for every three or four meetings attended.

Please be aware that PayPal charges $0.30 + 3% per contribution (so that five $1 contributions would give us $3.35 but one $5 contribution would give us $4.55.)


Members only: To make a contribution, click on the basket.

For contributions of $5 or more (in the U.S.), feel free to request a chip for marking game-free time.  Specify the time (24 hours, 1-11 months, 18 months, or 1-11 years) in the special instructions field and either add your mailing address or enable “Share your mailing address.”  (For outside the U.S., you can order through the above link.)

For viewing and verifying donations, see the online Donation Spreadsheet.  Current expenses include chat room rent, voice meeting hosting, website hosting, domain names, forum hosting, and calendar software, costing about $480 per year.  Upcoming expenses will include non-profit incorporation ($400) and printing literature.


We accept no money from any organizations or from any individuals who are not members. We do not use our funds to contribute to any other cause or organization, no matter how worthy.

At the group level, our funds are typically used to pay for renting meeting space and buying literature. Excess funds are typically passed along to our service structure, called C.G.A.A. International Services.

At the International Services level, our funds are used to pay for creating and publishing our literature, answering inquiries and maintaining our website.  Any excess funds would be used toward lowering the prices of our literature.