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While most people are able to set healthy limits on their gaming when properly motivated, the crux of gaming addiction is that the sufferer is unable to limit, control or effectively stop gaming, even when highly motivated, such that the resulting problems escalate over time to crippling self-destructive levels. Since moderation is, by definition, beyond the ability of a gaming addict, the only alternative to the out-of-control downward spiral is complete abstinence.

We find essential the attitude of seeking abstinence for only one day at a time. For each day, we prioritize not starting that first game and we do whatever we need to do to accomplish it.

The most powerful feature of our program is the ability of one gaming addict to communicate with another, to fully understand, to feel acceptance and a lack of judgment with each other, and to share our collective experience. Most of us were unable to break through the formidable denial of addiction until we connected with a fellow sufferer in recovery. Each of us need not spend decades finding the way through trial-and-error. We learn from those who came before us. We share what works and does not work with each other, and encourage, guide and support each other along the way.

Many of us encourage use of our highly adaptable version of the Twelve Steps in finding the strength and healthy principles necessary for recovery from the insanity of addiction. We encourage our members to seek “sponsorship,” which is a one-on-one relationship with a fellow member who has achieved the kind of recovery, peace of mind and health that they wish for themselves.

For more information, read the Program of Recovery section. For details and specific guidance, we recommend reading our Basic Text and attending C.G.A.A. meetings.