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As of this writing in 2014, few of our members live closely enough to visit each other. We live in many different towns and cities in various countries around the world. Most of us depend on using the phone and internet to connect with each other.

Over time, we expect to successfully grow our fellowship so that we will be able to meet locally with others in recovery. Each of us plays a part in this growth by creating awareness of the CGAA fellowship in our community. To learn more about how to grow your local fellowship, please read How to start a group and consider adding your contact email to our List of local groups page.

In the meanwhile, we make connections at online meetings and talk to each other over the phone. Some are able to use video software for meeting online.

We find face-to-face contact extremely valuable. Until such time that a local C.G.A.A meeting is available to you, we recommend attending some local meetings of other fellowships like A.A. and N.A. Please read Attending meetings of other fellowships for more information.

It is difficult to break out of our isolation as gamers and our pattern of relating to others mainly via computer. It can be a little scary to imagine meeting strangers to discuss the intimate details of our lives. Those of us who have walked through this fear and come out the other side can hardly begin to tell how valuable our new friendships with others in recovery have been. We encourage you to give yourself a shot and discover the life-changing benefits of friends who have been where you are and have found solutions that are changing their lives for the better.