Overview of C.G.A.A.

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Service structure

C.G.A.A. is a fellowship of people, which ought never be organized. Our members can join, leave, form or disband groups as they see fit. We have no rules and no requirements beyond a desire to stop gaming. Each group is autonomous in its own affairs, free to do as they decide in all matters except those affecting other groups or C.G.A.A. as a whole.

We have Twelve Traditions hammered out through the trial-and-error of experience that guide us toward our singleness of purpose and away from controversy. They are not rules; yet they are vital to our survival as a fellowship and thus to our sanity and well-being as individuals.

While our fellowship is not organized, some of us do support our affiliated service organization whose sole purpose is to make available our collective experience globally to all who wish to recover from gaming addiction. The service structure, which includes a General Service Conference of group delegates and the non-profit Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous International Services, serves and is directed by the fellowship. Its elected members are trusted servants who have no authority or power over any group, meeting or member.