Old Monthly Calendar

Directions for a Mumble meeting Typical meeting etiquette
Directions for a Zoom meeting New Weekly Calendar

WHEN?  Every day at 1:30pm and 10pm EDT with additional times below. All times in EDT (Eastern U.S. UTC-4). Use this time converter to determine the meeting time for your location.

WHERE? The Original Online Meeting Group (OOMG) holds meetings on Mumble and Zoom.  (If the Mumble channel goes down, use Zoom as the alternate meeting location.)

WHO? Most meetings have a scheduled leader.  For ones that don’t, usually someone present will lead the meeting.  If you are willing to lead a meeting, click here for the OOMG meeting format.

HOW? Directions are linked above.  For mobile devices, iPhone has an app called Mumble and Android has an app called Plumble.

The Original Online Meeting Group of CGAA has meetings for recovery from video game addiction in a Mumble voice and chat room. We discuss many topics, including dealing with withdrawal symptoms, how to stop gaming one day at a time, aspects of our recovery program and many other topics related to computer game addiction. We share our experience, strength and hope with one another. Meetings are led by fellow gaming addicts who have volunteered. All of our meetings are open to everyone.  Anyone who thinks he or she might have a gaming problem can speak during the meeting.