The Difference Between CGAA and OLGA

What is CGAA? What is OLGA? What’s the difference?

CGAA (Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous) is a fellowship of people who support each other in recovering from the problems resulting from excessive game playing.  C.G.A.A. is not affiliated with any political agenda, religion, or outside interests. Our single purpose is to abstain from video gaming and to help others find freedom from compulsive gaming. We have no professionals and no affiliation with any professional or government services.  Our groups are financed by voluntary contributions from members and accept no outside funding. is a privately owned website providing resources for problem gamers and their family. It is overseen by OLGA/OLGAnon World Services (OOWS), a non-profit corporation controlled by the website’s owner.  There is no recovery fellowship that has any control over the website or non-profit.

For a long time, our fellowship called ourselves OLGA, after the website. We had many recurring controversies over the years. The resulting drama led to a constant stream of disgruntled members leaving. We learned that in the past, other fellowships like AA and NA ran into similar problems in their early years and the recurring problem areas led to the writing of the Twelve Traditions.  Since adopting the Traditions, both AA and NA have grown into the millions of members.

In May 2014, our fellowship held a series of business meetings over which we decided to fully embrace the Twelve Traditions. We trust that they will serve us as well as they have served other recovery fellowships, removing the causes of so much controversy and allowing our fellowship to grow.

To follow the Traditions, we need the following:

  • Elected servants, no governors. (Tradition 2)
  • Open access for all who wish to stop gaming. (Tradition 3)
  • The single purpose of carrying our message of hope and recovery. (Tradition 5)
  • No attachments to outside interests, private or public, related or not. (Tradition 6)
  • No opinions on outside issues. (Tradition 10)

Thus, we could not remain officially attached to an outside interest like with its privately owned website, non-elected governors, banning of members, additional purposes, and opinions on outside issues.

For our fellowship to take full responsibility for ourselves, we adopted the name Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous and created our own resources for supporting each other and carrying the message of hope and recovery to those who want to stop gaming.

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How do I fit into CGAA and OLGA?

Our fellowship’s only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gaming. You’re a member if you say so. If you’re new, please don’t worry about calling yourself a CGAA member or a member of the website. You are welcome to make use of the resources of both. Nobody needs to choose one or the other.

For new people, we suggest attending our online meetings, making connections, and getting contact information. It is a challenge to just go one day at a time without starting that first game. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for help. We stay off the games by supporting each other.

What can I do to stay off games?

The basics of recovery


What if I want to be involved in organizational issues?

All members (that is, all who desire to stop gaming) are welcome to participate in our business meetings. They are shown in our meeting schedule.