CGAA books to purchase

We intend to publish our basic text, portions of which will become available on the Online CGAA literature section. We will announce news on development of our basic text as we progress.

We are also collecting Daily Reflections from members for inclusion in a book we intend to publish in the future.

Chips for marking game-free time for groups and individuals are available at cost.

Literature from other fellowships

There is much literature on addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have led many millions of people to recovery from this formerly untreatable illness. We value the literature of these and other fellowships, literature such as the AA Big Book and the NA Basic Text. Our members are encouraged to read our CGAA Basic Text, for information specific to gaming addiction and the suggestions for recovery that have been approved by our members; but we also encourage the use of other recovery literature. From the beginning, we have found that only addicts really understand addicts, and recovering addicts can truly help show others the way to recovery, simply by sharing their own experience, strength and hope. Recovery literature allows us to learn from the experience of millions who have gone before us.

CGAA groups are encouraged to include recovery literature at their meetings.

Some recovery literature that has been found to be helpful to our members:

  • The Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text
  • NA Step-Working Guides
  • AA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (the title of A.A.’s “Big Book”)
  • Daily Reflections from various fellowships