Literature Committee Meetings

All meetings are held on Mumble. The agendas and latest news are posted on the forum linked here.

TO ACCESS NOTES IN THE FORUM: Create a user on the Original Online Meeting Group forum. Send a message to the “CGAA” user or email for full forum access.


The subcommittee for the Newcomer Pamphlet will soon reconvene to finish developing a tri-fold pamphlet for newcomers brand-new to CGAA.


Combo book. A booklet collection of frequently used bits of helpful information, text, and articles.

Meeting book. A booklet collection of readings, example formats, topics, and suggestions for running a face-to-face meeting.


Meeting starter kit. A collection of materials, including the Meeting Book, fliers, pamphlets, and guidance on starting a meeting and building local CGAA fellowship.

Basic text. A book that thoroughly lays out the experience, guidance, and suggestions of our fellowship, intended to help both brand-new people making a start in CGAA and longer-term members working our recovery program.