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OOMG meeting format (for both Mumble and Zoom)

Meeting leader resources and discussion of meeting types, schedules, formats, topics, leaders of the OOMG, EGGA, and any other online meeting groups
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OOMG meeting format (for both Mumble and Zoom)

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Notes to Leaders:

READINGS: To use a reading as a topic, use a CGAA reading or re-word a reading according to these guidelines. Experience shows that keeping readings brief works best, typically three paragraphs or less at a time. For a short reading as a topic, please take the time to re-word to say video gaming and gaming addiction and change any specific higher power concept to "power greater than ourselves" or "higher power". Choose from literature approved by a recovery fellowship (NA, GA, AA, etc) which is appropriate for recovery from gaming addiction.

If a reading from another fellowship is used verbatim, please preface it with this statement and re-post the statement as more people join the meeting. “We're reading a brief selection from the __ fellowship to generate some discussion on the topic. CGAA is not affiliated with the __ fellowship and their literature does not necessarily speak for us and our experience. CGAA does not promote specific higher power concepts.”

BACKUP LOCATION: If Zoom or Mumble is not working, you can switch between them and post notices to WhatsApp and/or the forum.

FOR HELP: Email to ask for help, the Closed Room password, or the Zoom host login. Or write to the OOMG meeting leader WhatsApp group.

MEETING FORMAT: On how to set/change one particular weekly meeting's format, click here.

**** Welcome to our meeting of Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous ****
Do we have a volunteer for greeting new people that show up while the meeting is going on?

(By default, meetings are open please read:) This is an open meeting, meaning that family and professionals are welcome to observe. Participation is for only those who have had a gaming problem.

(If this meeting has decided to be closed, read:) This is a closed meeting, meaning that only those who have a problem with gaming are welcome to attend and participate.

Are there any newcomers here? We ask only to welcome you.

* if you want to share
** when done sharing
? indicates a question
! to volunteer
Sending extensive private messages during meetings is discouraged. (Basic greetings are fine.)

We have several meetings per day.  See for details.

We start the meeting with the Serenity Prayer:

Higher Power, Grant me The Serenity
to Accept the things I cannot Change,
the Courage to Change the things I Can,
and the Wisdom to Know the Difference.
Mission Statement
Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of people who support each other in recovering from the problems resulting from excessive game playing. C.G.A.A. is not affiliated with any political agenda, religion, or outside interests. Our single purpose is to abstain from gaming and to help others find freedom from the effects of gaming addiction. We have no membership requirements beyond the desire to stop gaming.

Our groups share their collective experience and the principles that helped them. Each of us is free to try out or disregard the suggestions of the program and other members. We have no professionals and no affiliation with any professional or government services. Our groups are financed by voluntary contributions from members and accept no outside funding.
Our Topic: (suggest a topic here)

Discussion is not limited to the topic of the day, but encouraged. Please keep cross-talk to a minimum and try to refrain from profanity. If you are new, you can ask any questions, introduce yourself or share your struggles. Please limit shares to five minutes when we have or are likely to have 15+ people.
~~~~~ DISCUSSION ~~~~~~~
(Please end on time, or close to it, so that all may participate in the closing.)

Thank you all for being here and helping me stay off games one more day!

7th Tradition:
Each C.G.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. We have no dues or fees. If you are a member and would like to help with expenses, feel free to visit our webpage.  (You are a member if you want to be a member and desire to stop playing video games. )

There are email contacts for meeting locally , a Signal group , a WhatsApp group and YouTube channel

Does anyone have game-free time that you'd like to mention and celebrate with the group today?

If you are new or don't yet have a sponsor, we encourage you to consider getting one. Sponsorship is an informal, voluntary relationship that can be very helpful.
Anyone who is available to be a temporary sponsor please indicate by typing “ ! ”

Are there any announcements for the good of CGAA?

Our group conscience meeting is Sunday at 2:30pm EDT / 11:30am PDT.

We often need more meeting leaders. Open spot: Co-leader for Fri 10pm EDT. Email if you're interested in leading a meeting.

Let's have a moment of silence for the addicted gamer who is still suffering.....

(Prayer/affirmation of your choosing)

Let us hug each other (To hug one another, everyone type "hugs" into their screen).

Who you see here, what is said here, when you leave here, let it stay here.

(If in Zoom) Do we have a volunteer Zoom host for a continued chat after the meeting? If not, we'll be closing the meeting. Otherwise...

Now that the meeting is over, we traditionally allow any newcomers to ask questions of people who remain, and allow anyone to share who didn't share during the meeting. Also, if you're open to phone calls with other members of the fellowship, we invite you to give your phone number, privately or, if you're comfortable, in the room's chat. Questions or shares?


(Some possible Prayer/Affirmations for the Day):

• Higher power, grant us the serenity
to accept the things we cannot change
the courage to change the things we can
& the wisdom to know the difference.

• Please help me and another addict stay away from that first game today.

• May I be gentle with myself today. May I be open to help from higher power and the fellowship, which can lead me to recovery.

• Just for today, I accept life on life’s terms. Just for today, I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life.

• I am open and willing to accept that reality is exactly what it is in this moment.
I seek the serenity that acceptance brings,
the wisdom to distinguish lower desire from higher purpose,
and the courage to act as guided by power greater than myself.

• Together we can do what we cannot do alone. Just for today, don’t game no matter what. And keep coming back, it works if you work it.

• May we have the humility to realize our ignorance, admit our mistakes and recognize our need for higher power. Help us to praise rather than criticize, to empathize rather than to discourage, to build rather than to destroy.
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Re: Meeting format (for both Mumble and Zoom)

Post by OOMG »

Here is the OOMG group conscience on setting/changing meeting formats for OOMG meetings.
The format of our meetings is set/changed in one of three ways:
1. If it is a brand new meeting, it is decided by the person or persons starting it.
2. If the proposed change affects the "suggested meeting format" for all of our meetings, it is decided by at the monthly Sunday business meeting for the Original Online Meeting Group group.
3. If the proposed change affects only one meeting on one particular day (e.g., 10 p.m. Tuesdays), it is decided by a brief group conscience meeting immediately following that meeting, which should be announced both at that meeting and in the Online Meetings forum at least one week in advance.
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Re: OOMG meeting format (for both Mumble and Zoom)

Post by Scott »

Some possible meeting topics: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=866
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