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Step 1 questions

All are welcome to submit writings here for editing and possible inclusion in literature such as pamphlets, webpages, books or chapters, fliers, or guides. All are welcome to provide feedback on each piece.
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The first post in each thread should contain a piece of literature for review by other members of CGAA. Preferably each post contains the full text, but if the text is very long or in a format garbled by this forum software, it can be put in another online document with a link provided here. All comments are welcome here. If the piece is in a Google document, detailed comments can be submitted directly into the document.
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Step 1 questions

Post by Scott »

Please use this thread to contribute good Step One questions.  It is very helpful to write out the problems caused or worsened by our gaming and the signs that we could not moderate or stop on our own.  Putting it into words and seeing it in black and white on paper somehow makes it all more real and undeniable.  This list can provide some guidance to newcomers getting honest.

Good questions generated by the work on the 20 Questions that do not fit the purpose of the questionnaire can be added here.  For example, questions that require honest judgment and insight are well suited to CGAA members who have reached a point of working Step One with a sponsor, and are not suitable for a questionnaire targeting brand new people who have yet to attend a meeting or begin to overcome denial.

For example of questions suitable to Step One but unsuitable to questionnaire:
Have you ever _______ because of gaming?  (Requires someone to have already achieved some honest awareness of connections between problems and gaming.)
Have you been neglectful of ______? (Requires someone to have already achieved enough honest awareness to make judgment call on whether behavior crossed line into neglect.)

A Step One question should include or be followed with encouragement to do some detailed writing on the answer.
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Step 1 questions

Post by ADH »

Hello people.

powerlessness wrote:What were your attempts at moderation like? Describe.
At the time, did you think your moderation attempts would be successful?
Have you ever tried to limit access to your gaming device(s) or games, only to circumvent those limitations later on in order to game?
Have you, or one or more of your loved ones, been in danger because of your gaming? Describe.

unmanageability wrote:What have you lost because of gaming? Describe.
What did you never have, that you wanted, because of gaming? Describe.
Has your health deteriorated because of gaming? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Describe.

reservations to relapse wrote:Do you think you could game again after being abstinent from games for a certain amount of time?
What would be reasons to start gaming again? Why?
Are you ready to give up on those reasons? If not, why?

acceptance wrote:When did you first realize you needed help? Did you continue to game?
Do you believe you have reached your rock bottom? Describe.
What was the situation which made you reach out for help?
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Step 1 questions

Post by MorganF »

Some questions that came out of the 20 Questions process:

Have you gained weight since becoming a gamer?
Have you noticed significant weight changes (weight gain or loss) because of gaming?
Do you game on a mobile device while waiting in line or riding as a passenger?
Do you ever find yourself distracted from real life because of obsessive thinking about or re-living a game? (related to a 20 Q candidate)
Have you suffered more financial problems since obsessively gaming?
Do you feel apathy towards your family, friends and other real-life activities since you started gaming?
Do you ever find yourself gaming when you would rather be doing a former hobby or sport?
Have you tried limiting game time by switching games?
Do you ever use someone else to get access to games or to enhance your gaming experience?
Do you find yourself missing friends and family but can't reconnect with them because of your gaming?
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