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Outline for writing on Step 8 for Basic Text

All are welcome to submit writings here for editing and possible inclusion in literature such as pamphlets, webpages, books or chapters, fliers, or guides. All are welcome to provide feedback on each piece.
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The first post in each thread should contain a piece of literature for review by other members of CGAA. Preferably each post contains the full text, but if the text is very long or in a format garbled by this forum software, it can be put in another online document with a link provided here. All comments are welcome here. If the piece is in a Google document, detailed comments can be submitted directly into the document.
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Outline for writing on Step 8 for Basic Text

Post by MorganF »

Amends vs. Apologies
-changing behavior vs. seeking forgiveness

Important to coping with Life and cleaning out the burdens of guilt we carry from our past

"Making a list"
-Name, harm, amends, willingness check

Role of sponsorship in the process

Examples of amends
-Paying debts, staying in touch, communicating more cleanly, taking care of ourselves/homes/families, working...

(Anything else vital to Step 8?)
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