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Sep 19, 2021 Literature Committee agenda and notes

Collaboration on literature for the fellowship, such as a Basic Text, a book of Daily Reflections, and pamphlets that address special topics
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Sep 19, 2021 Literature Committee agenda and notes

Post by Scott »

September 19, 2021

CGAA Literature Committee Attending :

Jeff, Major, Alexander ( observing )

Jeff - serving as substitute Chairperson for today.
Major - note taker.

Agenda Items :

5: Info for professionals (addition of WHO gaming disorder)

Comments & Discussion on the 'Info for Professionals Pamphlet'

Observations : One quote is not identified as to source…needs identification.
Some language has been repeated.

Note to add to bullet points from “some recovered alcoholics” to expand the bullet points listed.

Observation that the "problems" mentioned in the existing version is vague and can be expanded.

Recommendation to move paragraph beginning "Many family members and friends..." up to appear earlier.

Request for statement addressing what CGAA offers when compared with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Who are we attempting to serve ?

Add two paragraphs about CGAA.

One paragraph inviting professionals.
Second paragraph describing what CGAA offers ( This is what we are - this is what we do. )

For back panel of pamphlet.

Recommendation to Strike paragraph - “Some recovered alcoholics and drug addicts”….as out of date,

and move those detailed examples into the listed bullet points.

6: Editor or Editor Team, recommendations to GSC, selection E

Group agrees to Table this discussion to next month

Editor or Editor Team, recommendations to GSC, selection.

*** We need Scott to expand on what the issues are here. ***

7: Service Manual

* Here is a draft Outline for the proposed CGAA Service Handbook. viewtopic.php?p=3583#p3583
This merges earlier contributions offered by Scott and Major into one draft outline.

Literature Committee members, please review and consider where you can make contributions to this project. We hope to discuss this more at our October 17th meeting.

E-mail exchange and discussions are welcome.
Posts: 110
Joined: Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:53 pm

Re: Sep 19, 2021 Literature Committee agenda and notes

Post by Scott »

Jeff''s notes on additions to the Info for Professionals pamphlet

There were a variety of suggestions made about the Info for Professionals pamphlet during the Lit. Com. Meeting. I agreed to flesh out something that adds a little more information about who/what CGAA is.
Here are my suggested additions and re-writes for consideration:
**This could go above the DSM quote as an introduction
CGAA is a fellowship of people who support each other to recover from the problems caused by excessive gaming. We have no affiliation with any other group/organization, and we are open to all, regardless of nationality, age, political or religious/non-religious views and affiliation, etc.
This pamphlet is designed for health or social work professionals who may find themselves working with excessive or addicted gamers.

**This is an expansion of what’s on the back panel, to tell a little bit more about who we are:
CGAA is a fellowship. Our groups are independently organized and are responsible for their own meetings. We have numerous online meetings and face-to-face meetings in some larger cities. Our meetings involve mutual support and sharing of experiences around abstinence and recovery from excessive or addictive gaming. Individual members often contact and support one another outside of meetings as well. The only requirement to be considered a member is a desire to stop gaming.
C.G.A.A. holds both open and closed meetings. Anyone who thinks that they may have a problem with their own excessive or addictive gaming may participate fully in any meeting. Our open meetings also welcome members of the general public who are interested in learning about us to observe the meeting firsthand, although we request that they refrain from speaking during the discussion part of the meeting. Talking to individuals after observing the main part of the meeting, however, is a great way to get to know us. Please refer to our schedule of online and face-to-face meetings for details.
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