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Editor or Editor Team

Collaboration on literature for the fellowship, such as a Basic Text, a book of Daily Reflections, and pamphlets that address special topics
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Editor or Editor Team

Post by Scott »

As part of the discussion about improving and defining our literature development process we've been discussing possibly having one or more editors, a core group devoted to a particular project and responsible for pulling contributions into a cohesive whole. This thread is for the topics of:

  • Size of an Editor Team

  • Responsibilities of an editor or Editor Team

  • Preferred qualifications for an editor

  • Selection of an editor or Editor Team

My thoughts:
Size of an Editor Team: I think that a small project, like a single-page pamphlet or flier, should have a single editor. Larger projects would have at least two editors. I think that a small group of only two or three editors will be most effective. We'll have a better idea after trying it out on a project or two.

Responsibilities: Primarily, I'd like editors to solicit contributions on the project as a whole, and specifically where there seem to be holes, and weave them into a cohesive whole. They should keep communicating the vision/purpose/audience of the piece to keep contributors on the same page. They would also need to take feedback from the Literature Committee, fellowship, and GSC, and do their best to have the piece match the voice of the group conscience.

Selection of an editor or Editor Team: Not sure if it makes more sense for the GSC to choose editors for each project or the Literature Committee. On one hand, the LitCom is mainly a workshopping group for contributors and the GSC has oversight and authority from the delegates and groups and selects the LitCom chair. On the other hand, LitCom people are the ones who are responsible for projects and know who's involved and who might best serve as editors. Might be best for LitCom to nominate editors and GSC to select them.

Preferred qualifications for an editor: It would be good to have clear guidelines for the position. Let's consider:

  • Experience in general with video gaming addiction, CGAA, recovery, working with newcomers

  • Experience specific to whatever topics are covered in the project

  • A certain amount of game-free time

  • Writing, editing, English experience

  • Respect for traditions and group conscience

  • Strengths like working well with others, flexibility, open-mindedness, respect for others' opinions and experience

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Joined: Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:53 pm

Editor or Editor Team

Post by Scott »

At the LitCom meeting today, most of us had a preference for a single editor on each project, except for maybe a very large project like a basic text.

While I think it's best to have a single editor on  small pieces, I imagine that we'd get much better quality and a better chance of passing GSC approval process if we had 2-3 people involved in the editing process. I do agree that it seems like an inevitable disaster to try to have 2-3 people trying to reach consensus on every little editing issue. Instead of having an Editor Team with 2-3 editors with an equal say on all issues, here are the other options that come to mind:

Lead Editor in team of two or three. We could have the best of both worlds: a lead editor who brings a consistent voice to the piece and can quickly work through the grammar and minor issues alone AND a team to discuss larger issues like content, topics, and how to weave pieces from various contributors together.

Single editor who confers frequently with LitCom members. We could try it out slightly differently, with a single editor instead of a lead editor and informal consultation with other LitCom members instead of an editing team.

Single editor working formally with LitCom members. Similar to the previous arrangement, except that there is monthly formal meeting with LitCom members to discuss and maybe decide larger issues.

In any case, I think it will work much better to have frequent interaction between a lead editor and other LitCom members than to have a single editor trying to take a large project to a final form before bringing it to others.
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Editor or Editor Team

Post by Scott »

Revision of proposed guidelines:
The Editor is selected based on a prioritized list of qualifications. These are meant as guidelines and not rules.

Recovering from video gaming addiction and game-free for at least two years with at least two years of experience in the CGAA meetings and fellowship
Experience with the topics being covered in the project or sub-project
Ability to see a topic from many angles and simultaneously hold varying perspectives in mind
Extensive reading and writing experience in English
Works well with others and respects the voice of the group conscience
Ability to suggest changes as positive, constructive feedback that encourages authors
Preferably someone who has recently been active on the Literature Committee
Preferably someone with a full, well-rounded experience of recovery, who has experience with sponsoring and being sponsored, face-to-face recovery meetings (CGAA or another abstinence-based fellowship), the twelve steps, and helping newcomers
Preferably someone with editing experience
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Editor or Editor Team

Post by ADH »

Great! If we're juuuust a little bit to strict, nobody in our fellowship can apply for that function.

I do know somebody who wants to become an editor and has extensive experience with American English, but hasn't got experience with sponsorship. He is being sponsored, though. He hasn't got the suggested two years of sobriety.
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