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Mar 15, 2020 Literature Committee agenda and notes

Collaboration on literature for the fellowship, such as a Basic Text, a book of Daily Reflections, and pamphlets that address special topics
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Mar 15, 2020 Literature Committee agenda and notes

Post by Scott »

1: Prayer for serenity
2a: Business forum access.  Does anyone need it?
2b: Volunteer for note taker of topics and decisions?
3a: CGAA step book workgroup
3b: Meeting handbook

4a: Things to do webpage
4b: Fresh content for website, traffic, SEO

5: Sample meeting formats for Meeting Handbook
6: Meeting Starter Kit,
7: Development of our literature process
8: Editor or Editor Team, requirements, selection
9: CGAA Service Handbook
10: Newcomer welcome letter for website

Minutes from last meeting at
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Mar 15, 2020 Literature Committee agenda and notes

Post by Skald »

March 2020 Meeting 


Prayer for Serenity 

Business Forum Access

Volunteer Note taker :  Major

Project Reports :

12 Step Handbook & Traditions : Xander - working, but requests help with editing. 
Posted some work on…   Step 12 : Still a work in progress…. 
Then revisions, examples, fine tuning wanted 

Meeting Handbook : 

Sample Meeting formats… 
Contributions pending from NYC and Amsterdam groups… 
Xander will follow up with the Dutch groups, 
Scott will follow up with his NYC contact. 
*  A suggested format does exist on main CGAA forum. 

Things to Do Webpage :  Nearly ready for submission to GSC.

Fresh Website Content : 
( * Blog Idea to be submitted to GSC ! )  
Word Press, a good place to host a CGAA Blog… >>> Follow up with GSC meeting in April. 
Weekly rather than daily updates is an option. If that’s still too much consider 2x monthly updates.  
*  Blog master suggested as a recognized Service position. 

Traffic :   

SEO : 

5)  Sample Meeting Handbook :  Sample Meeting formats, 

6)  Meeting Starter Kit :

Aspiration, fliers, pamphlets, chips.  How to build the Fellowship… 
Posted on Forum…   

Items needed :  Newcomer pamphlet

Outreach to Institutions Fliers,  

Chips. Available from Scott.  
Noted :  The high price of shipping to Europe,  cheaper to send stickers which could be added to discs manufactured in Europe.  

7)   Projects for next 4 weeks til April Meeting.   

Scott :  Sample Meeting Formats,  new forum being researched, and a few other projects ....

Xander :  Continuing with 12 Step Handbook & Traditions

Major agrees to review :  Meeting Starter Kit
Currently working on re-write of "Information for Professionals" 
Available to help with reviews,  send e-mail !  

* Note Taker's statement :  I endeavored to record important notes and decisions, but this is quite challenging as my connection to Mumble is vastly inferior through my i-phone and the connection keeps dropping out every few minutes.  I hope Mumble will update their program so I can once again use it easily on my Mac.   - Major 
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