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December 19, 2021 minutes

Collaboration on literature for the fellowship, such as a Basic Text, a book of Daily Reflections, and pamphlets that address special topics
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* Respect, kindness, patience and other good virtues encouraged
* Let's place principles before personalities
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December 19, 2021 minutes

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Sunday, December 19, 2021

CGAA Literature Committee
Call to Order - Scott
Serenity Prayer
Present: Adrienne, Baker, Jeff, Scott, Xander
Note Taker - Adrienne

1. Service Manual
-Several updates:
Scott focus on editing Business Meeting etiquette
Jeff focus on Table of Contents and ordering of subjects. Major volunteer to look it over.
Updates on Guiding Principle, Group Conscience, Concepts.

2. Meeting Starter Kit
Handbook (out to GSC for feedback)
Pamphlets (include 12 step focus) Scott and Adrienne review
Building local fellowship
- Fliers: where to put them, both online and physical placements. (Like Craigslist and Student Counseling Centers.

(Moved discussion to Building Local Fellowship)

3. Building Local Fellowship
Where do Fellows wanting to build local meetings find guidance? Ideas included:
Streamlining access to forum
WhatsApp group
Committee agreed to review draft and post notes in Google Docs for this section.

(Moved discussion back to Meeting Starter Kit)

2.a. Meeting Starter Kit
Very close to completion.
Major and Adrienne to review pamphlets general focus
End of Agenda

Other Business
Text work done by Xander to be sent to

Next meeting on January 16, 2021 at 2:30 EST
Adjourned at 3:30 pm EST.
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