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Mar 28, 2021 OOMG business agenda & notes

Original Online Meeting Group business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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* All who attend OOMG meetings on Zoom or Mumble are welcome to participate and vote in OOMG business.
* The business of the Original Online Meeting Group of CGAA is discussed. At our monthly business meeting, we make decisions by group conscience, guided by higher power. Everyone has a vote on group matters.
* Back and forth discussion of different perspectives is appropriate. We strive to be respectful of all.
* Anonymity reminds us to place principles before personalities.
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Mar 28, 2021 OOMG business agenda & notes

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Attending: Ilya, Jeff, Scott, Tamir, Xander

2. Approval of previous minutes. Feb 28. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=853
Approved, all ayes.

3. Reports, if any.
3a. GSC report
No delegate present. Messages sent to them asking for at least one to be present.
3b. New meeting leaders report.
No new leaders this month.

4. Attendance and energy is high, let’s make a separate business meeting/group for the 19:30/21:00 CET time meetings.

Considering a new business meeting for the 19:30 and 21:00 CET meetings and that this decision is affirmed here after another month of announcing this change. Details are at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=855
Proposal: That we announce in the meeting format that we intend to create a new group and to finalize this decision at the next OOMG meeting, and that we suggest that regulars from the early European time meetings have an organizational meeting (Monday at 8:30 CET—right after the regular meeting) on Zoom. In addition, that we put out the survey to assist those members in getting helpful information.

Approved, all ayes.

All remaining items tabled until next month:

5. Approving prayers in the format viewtopic.php?f=4&t=749
Three separate topics:
A. To adjust the wording around higher power to be inclusive of all higher power concepts, from "Higher Power, grant us the serenity…" to possibly "Through higher power we seek the serenity..." or "With higher power may we find the serenity…"
B. To officially approve of the suggested prayers in the meeting format.
C. To consider choosing one prayer/affirmation for the ending.

6. Confirming phone-related format changes decided by the committee on Zoom accessibility
7. Reading of steps and traditions
8. Issue about content of shares in meetings: Talking about the problem rather than the solution.
9. Issue about the 10 p.m. group conscience meeting to move to zoom.
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