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March 14, 2021 GSC Minutes

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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* The business of the General Service Conference is discussed. We make decisions by group conscience, guided by higher power. Those elected as a trustee or delegate can vote on all GSC matters. CGAAIS staff can vote on issues related to their area.
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* Anonymity reminds us to place principles before personalities.
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March 14, 2021 GSC Minutes

Post by Orchid »

1. Approval of February minutes

(6 aye, 2 abstain)

2. Reports

Incorporation Committee
Literature Committee

3. Where should we hold the GSC meetings, zoom vs mumble?

Proposal: GSC meets in Zoom using Johanna’s zoom account for the time being.

Approved unanimously

4. Should CGAA or OOMG maintain the current zoom account?

Proposal: That the Zoom room is maintained by CGAAIS/GSC rather than OOMG. (Not much needs to change about this, except GSC handling payments and changing the ”OOMG Host” label to ”CGAA Host”. The Zoom costs were paid from the collective pot of both GSC and OOMG money.)

Passed (7 aye, 1 abstain)

5. Calendar format

Proposal: Each meeting on the calendar is labeled with its group’s name. Each unnamed group needs to choose a name. If a group wants to list their meeting leaders, that info is put into the meeting details instead of the calendar label.

Passed unanimously

6. Change of the fellowship’s name (rough deadline 02-03/01/2021)

Proposal: Put a google sheet out for concerns to consider for Ian to organize them in a table for the further discussion in April.

Passed unanimously

Remaining Agenda Items:

7. Literature revision guidelines development and possible rewording of steps/traditions.
• Creating guidelines around how often and when a major piece can be revised
• Possibly revisiting the current wording of the Traditions
• Possibly revisiting the current wording of the Steps

8. Literature committee transparency.

9. Forming a committee for outreach work (developing relationships with professionals
and rehab facilities).

*** See the attached pdf for details ***
2021-03-14 - GSC Minutes.pdf
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