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proposals re: Zoom and meetings

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 10:38 am
by Scott
As more groups are leading meetings on Zoom, there are a couple of adjustments I think would be helpful:

Proposal: That the Zoom room is maintained by CGAAIS/GSC rather than OOMG. (Not much needs to change about this, except GSC handling payments and changing the "OOMG Host" label to "CGAA Host". The Zoom costs were paid from the collective pot of both GSC and OOMG money.)

Proposal: Each meeting on the calendar is labeled with its group's name. Each unnamed group needs to choose a name. If a group wants to list their meeting leaders, that info is put into the meeting details instead of the calendar label.

We should encourage groups to choose names since there are more and more every month. For example, the Sunday 10am EST / 4pm CET Meeting Group hasn't picked a name and the one I've been using is cumbersome. Also, people don't really know which meetings are run by OOMG and which ones are not, and OOMG gets confused with an overarching intergroup. And it seems likely that the early meetings tied to European time will soon be run by a group separate from the OOMG evening meetings. Right now, each face-to-face group can be referred to by the name of their city but someday there will be more than one group in the same city.