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December 13th meeting minutes

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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* The business of the General Service Conference is discussed. We make decisions by group conscience, guided by higher power. Those elected as a trustee or delegate can vote on all GSC matters. CGAAIS staff can vote on issues related to their area.
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December 13th meeting minutes

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SUMMARY (full notes with discussion details attached)

Approval of November meeting minutes

Approved unanimously

IC committee report and issues

Tim and Jeff have both offered to temporarily chair the IC committee in January.

Literature committee report and issues

Lit com continues to meet, and is currently working on the meeting handbook. Progress continues to be made.

Webmaster report and issues

A request has been made to make the hotline information clearer to reduce calls/messages from friends/family members. The business forums and personal stories have all been successfully migrated over to a forum on the site.

Hotline report

A GSC member has heard that there have been issues, and Jeff has volunteered to follow up with the person who has been heading the hotline answering team to get more details.

GSC meetings in Zoom or in Mumble?

Motion to try Zoom next month and decide at the end of the meeting whether to continue with Zoom or Mumble

Approved unanimously.

Website reorganization report ... oposal.pdf

Feedback would be helpful, but it isn’t needed at the moment to continue making progress. Motion to table for the time being passed unanimously.

How to increase the involvement of group representatives in the GSC? In other words, how do we invite more people to come, and how do we get them to stay (i.e. how do we make the discussion relevant to their group)?

Propose that we approach groups not currently attending GSC meetings, with a focus on a) finding out basic information, b) explaining what the GSC is/does, c) talking to the groups about what issues are of interest to them, d) start emailing out the agenda two weeks in advance and minutes as well.
Passed unanimously

Tim was selected to coordinate carrying out the items in the above proposal.
December 13th GSC minutes (final draft).pdf
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