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September 13th meeting minutes

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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September 13th meeting minutes

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Approval of revised July 12th meeting minutes:
Additional revision to quorum line
Approved unanimously as revised

Approval of August 9th meeting minutes
Approved unanimously

Revisiting the website reorganization committee

Numerous points raised in discussion with common agreement on primary color (blue), use of dark text on light backgrounds, and there being real value in a longer homepage that has all the high-traffic links in it.

Proposal: That blue be a primary color in our color scheme
Approved unanimously

Proposal: Text be primarily dark text on light backgrounds
Approved unanimously

Proposal: That a mock-up be put together based on our discussions in regards to prominent links (20 questions, withdrawal symptoms, find a meeting, list of things to do other than gaming), with a larger body (similar to Home 3) and a less in-your-face header (similar to Home 2)

Approved unanimously

Full minutes, with detailed notes on talking points, are attached.
September 13th GSC minutes (final draft).pdf
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