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Minutes from the August 9, 2020 GSC meeting

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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Minutes from the August 9, 2020 GSC meeting

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1. Approval of July minutes
Tabled until next month to give time for some requested revisions (unanimous)

2. Reports
(Incorporation and Literature Committees and the Webmaster)

3. Should the WhatsApp group for anons be mentioned on the CGAA website?

-         If the name is changed to something that doesn't imply it's a part of CGAA, the whatsapp group is listed as a resource on the webpage
-         The website would say something like "While CGAA does not endorse and is not officially connected with these groups, we believe that friends and family may be able to connect with others and find helpful resources"
Approved unanimously

 4. Website reorganization committee report on color schemes, maps and alternative main pages. What's the next step?
Report: The Website Reorganization Committee provided (by email before the meeting) color scheme demos, site maps displayed visually and as a table, and demos of main page alternatives. Around 35 minutes of videos were also provided to elaborate on the other information.
Proposal: Table until next month when we've all made time to watch the videos.
Approved unanimously
5. Change of the fellowship's name
Table until next month


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