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Minutes for June 14th 2020 meeting

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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* The business of the General Service Conference is discussed. We make decisions by group conscience, guided by higher power. Those elected as a trustee or delegate can vote on all GSC matters. CGAAIS staff can vote on issues related to their area.
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* Anonymity reminds us to place principles before personalities.
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Minutes for June 14th 2020 meeting

Post by MorganF »

Standing items:
1. Minutes of last meeting.
- Approved

2. Incorporation Committee Report and Issues
- Progress is being made, nothing significant to report

3. Literature Committee Report and Issues
- Newcomers pamphlet is ready for GSC
- Working on new web content and other literature for fellowship

4. Webmaster Report and issues
- No report

5. Hotline Report (not every meeting).
- Trusted servant not present, no report

Upcoming items (Are there any proposed changes to the agenda?):
6. Newcomers pamphlet
- Question about preferential treatment by pamphlet of online meetings by including
 - is appropriate
 - Why wouldn't a local meeting want to let folks know about the online meetings?
 - Delegate shares that, as a face-to-face group, we encourage newcomers to check out online meetings; some go, others refuse online meetings
 - Could end up being that local meetings decide to create locally governed online meetings
 - Currently, the link to the online meeting page brings people to both the OOMG meetings as well as the off-line meetings that have moved to Zoom due to covid, thus the currently serves all off-line and on-line groups.
- Question about changing 'video gaming' to 'digital gaming' on first page of pamphlet
 - Decided to leave that conversation for a later date
 - If we decide to revise fellowship language, can update Newcomers Pamphlet then.
- Proposal: Accept the Lit Com's recent changes, as brought by the GSC last month, for the Newcomer's Pamphlet. Approve for website and printing by CGAAIS. - 7 ayes, 1 abstain

7. Our relationship with OLG-Anon? our-relationship-with-olg-anon-t2079.html
- Whatsapp group was created by some anons and some members are referring people to the Whatsapp
 - We do not currently have good info on what is happening in the whatsapp group.
- Family and friends page currently refers people to OLG-anon, as well as Al-anon, Nar-Anon, CoDA
- Many concerns raised about OLGAnon, including concerns about anonymity violations, lack of following the traditions, etc.
- OLG-anon is not a fellowship but it is misleading in its appearance as being a fellowship (e.g. the name, itself, sounds like a fellowship).
- Proposal: That we remove references to from the website, and suggest to all hotline volunteers that they refer people to the WhatsApp group and not refer people to the website. - Seconded but not voted on
- Proposal: Remove references to from the website. Table the whatspp discussion until next month when Morgan will present some additional information - Passes unanimously

8. Do we want to do any of the following:
* Creating a longer form of the statements of the Traditions. http://forum.cgaa.
- Member had two concerns that long form of traditions clarify - this was the main motive for getting a long form done. One of these issues has already been addressed
 - Tradition 6 and 'no affiliation with other groups implied or actual' - not addressed
 - Tradition 3 and what it requires to be a group - addressed separately
- Preference for getting short form of traditions straightened out first
- Straightening out short form depends on first getting the process in place to straighten out the short forms
- Long forms seems fairly low priority
- Proposal to drop long form from the agenda - Passed unanimously


* Re-visiting the current wording of the Traditions (after reports from groups) * Revisiting the current wording of the 12 Steps
9. Change of the fellowship's name
GSC minutes Jun-14-2020.pdf
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