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Agenda and minutes availability and accessibility

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:56 pm
by ADH
I'm going to be a bit of a pain, but this needs to be dealt with.

For as long as I remember, the GSC agenda and minutes always became available at the last possible moment and are posted in a private forum (i.e. not visible to google or (more importantly) the casual visitor). This means that GSC representatives who don't have a forum account AND haven't asked a moderator to get access to the business forums, don't get to see the agenda and the minutes. If I remember correctly, some energy has been put into correcting this situation, but I argue that the GSC can not function properly until ALL CGAA members (and especially ALL the representatives) can have access to the business meeting minutes and agenda.

I mentioned another point: the minutes and agenda not being available in a timely fashion, thus making it impossible for representatives to prepare themselves. I propose that the agenda of the next GSC meeting will be a) publically posted and b) posted at least two weeks in advance of the GSC meeting. If this does not happen, the agenda is to be declared null and void until such time it can be established well in advance and is publically accessible to any and all CGAA members who so desire. The minutes of the previous minutes also need to be made available in a timely fashion, as to make sure that every CGAA member can have access to them to allow for any issues to be brought to the attention of their GSC representative.

If what I'm telling is a none-issue, please elaborate why. I'm only standing up for those meetings which are not represented by the GSC, which is most of CGAA. This is an issue in and of itself and I'll make a separate thread for that.