[DRAFT] GSC Minutes 12 June 2022

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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[DRAFT] GSC Minutes 12 June 2022

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GSC Meeting Sunday 12th June 2022

1. Serenity prayer

The meeting opened with he Serenity Prayer

2. Establishment of Quorum

Attendees: 3 Trustees, 7 meeting reps
Meetings represented: EGGA, Tues Eve, Manhattan, LA, Meditation, OOMG

3. Approval of April minutes

Motion: To accept the minutes as written
Result: 7 ayes, 1 abstain, motion passes

4. Approval of May minutes

Motion: To accept the minutes as written
Result: 7 ayes, 1 abstain, motion passes

5 Incorporation Committee

Nothing to report

6. Webmaster Report

Translation into Dutch have been made and have gone live which has increased enquiries from the Netherlands.

7. Literature Committee Report

Ongoing. Requested to postpone Handbook Approval until July.

8. Formalised proposal for motions

A discussion was had regarding how we follow through on action items that arise from motions.

Motion: To include items in the minutes and add "matters arising" to the agenda of each subsequent meeting.
Result: 6 aye, 3 abstain, motion carries

Action: Olivia will carry this forward.

9. Name change status report and website domain name

The name and logos have been changed on the website and in the WhatsApp groups.

A discussion ensued regarding the appropriate domain name for GAA.

Motion: Use the gamingaddictsanonymous.org as the "main website" domain, and gaais.org as the "shortcut" domain name
Result: 9 ayes, motion passes

Action: Scott will carry this forward in switching the domain name and email addresses.

10. Handbook approval

Postponed until next meeting

11. Hotline Coordinator vacancy and 2 new members

Motion: To approve Paul as the new hotline coordinator
Proposer: Tim
Seconder: James
Result: 8 aye, motion passes

13. Serenity prayer

The meeting closed with the serenity prayer.
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