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CGAA General Service Conference Jan. 9, 2022 Minutes (DRAFT)

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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* The business of the General Service Conference is discussed. We make decisions by group conscience, guided by higher power. Those elected as a trustee or delegate can vote on all GSC matters. CGAAIS staff can vote on issues related to their area.
* Back and forth discussion of different perspectives is appropriate. We strive to be respectful of all.
* Anonymity reminds us to place principles before personalities.
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CGAA General Service Conference Jan. 9, 2022 Minutes (DRAFT)

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DRAFT CGAA General Service Conference Minutes for Jan. 9, 2022
Meeting began with Serenity Prayer at 2:30pm EST.
Jeff took notes
Official quorum (8) was achieved immediately after approval of the minutes, which does not require it.
1. Review of minutes—unanimously approved (5 aye, 2 abstain)
viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1004&sid=fede9fc800 ... b9fbaf77fd

2. Reports
a. Incorporation Committee—Nothing to report
b. Literture Committee—Have been announcing the meeting handbook to groups. It has been put in a google doc for easy access for feedback. The chair asked everyone to please help get people to give feedback on it.
c. Webmaster—Nothing to report.

3. Animated video about what video game addiction is like was offered to the GSC for potential use on the website.
Discussion centered around its appropriateness for the website, doing it in such a way that it follows traditions (anonymous, not monetized, etc.).
Proposal: After Leon's video is modified to remove names and add CGAA info, it is posted to the Self Test page on the website.
The proposal passed unanimously with one abstention.
4. Finding a person to handle website inquiries.
Proposal #1: That we gather volunteers (3-4 people) for handling website inquiries who have shown reliability and have 6+ months of game free time. Scott will train new people, prepare scripts, and continue helping for at least a few more months, and will seek more volunteers to be approved by GSC. David volunteers and is approved
Proposal #2: Scott composes the pdf with sample answers and scripts to answer emails.
Both proposals were approved unanimously.
5. Suggested requirements for an editor (leader of an editing team for a particular piece of literature). These were submitted by the literature committee for GSC approval.
Voted unanimously to table to next month, pending GSC members examining it in detail in the interim.
6. New Item: Changing the way money for chips is handled (Scott now collects it to defray his costs; he suggests that it go through GSC and that he be reimbursed for his costs). This was withdrawn until next month, pending Ian finishing his orientation to the treasurer position.
The meeting ended at 3:21pm EST with the Serenity Prayer and thanks all around.

Submitted 1/9/2022
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