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Sept 12th, 2021 GSC minutes

General Service Conference meetings, agendas, and notes.
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Sept 12th, 2021 GSC minutes

Post by Scott »

Attending: Ian, Tim, Luis, Scott, Jeff, Marat

Minutes from August approved

Literature Committee webpage section:
  • include draft link (if available) and forum post link
  • add flowchart of approval process
  • add Stories of Recovery
  • contact info for Literature Committee
  • list of finished/approved pieces
We discussed a few changes to this webpage. No proposal or approval necessary for informational website changes.

Jeff is ready to step down as OOMG Treasurer who has handled the common pot, Ian L volunteers as new treasurer.

No quorum at this point, will have to be voted on later.

Meeting Handbook suggestions:
  • "Keep 'em coming back" section needs revision toward "how we've kept meetings healthy and inviting" rather than "how to make newcomers keep coming back"
  • Alphabetizing is partial and could be completed
  • Remove inclusivity text from Prayers & Affirmations section
No proposal. The Literature Committee may make revisions based on this feedback before the October meeting.

Because we often don't have quorum and can't make decisions for part of a GSC meeting, we talked about ways to improve the situation.

Proposal: GSC meeting can start at the scheduled time, reports can be done and minutes of the last meeting can be approved without a quorum.
Approved, all ayes

Proposal: Send reminders to the GSC preferably with the upcoming agenda a week and a day ahead of time for three months and reassess in January.
Approved, all ayes

We will revisit quorum in the future and possibly consider lowering it. Quorum is currently that two-thirds (rounded up) of reps need to be present to make fellowship-wide decisions such as approving recovery literature.

Tabled until next time:
  • Fellowship poll on changing "Computer Gaming" to "Gaming" in our name in English.
  • Voting in new treasurer
  • Moving on to fellowship feedback phase of Meeting Handbook approval process
  • Forming a committee for outreach work
  • Forming a website admin committee
Posts: 102
Joined: Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:53 pm

Re: Sept 12th, 2021 GSC minutes

Post by Scott »


1. Would anyone like to volunteer to be our notetaker today?
2. Minutes of last meeting. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=945
3. Incorporation Committee Report and Issues.
4. Literature Committee Report and Issues.
5. Webmaster Report and issues.

Upcoming items (Are there any proposed changes to the agenda?):
6. Change of the process of minutes approval.
7. Website change approval process viewtopic.php?f=2&t=892
Old business. Proposal: ”Cravings and Triggers” is approved within the Meeting Handbook process.
8. Change of the fellowship’s name (rough deadline 02-03/01/2021)
• Link to the doc with info: ... fsLZOf8Rkw
• Approved proposal: Jeff will create a written proposal to change the name to GAA with the reasons for doing so. This proposal would be approved by the GSC next month and distributed to groups for written approval following that.(see email from Sunday Apr 11, 6:33pm EST)
• Jeff will correct the proposal and Ian will talk to Moscow representative by the next month. We will make a decision in June.
• After two minor changes we reconsider the proposal next month.
9. Treasurer report.
10. Literature accessibility.
11. Meeting handbook.
12. Forming a committee for outreach work (developing relationships with professionals and rehab facilities).
13. Reviewing the FAQ page on the website (Revised by Lit Com). ... 0hbOk/edit
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