Jan 8th, 2022 meeting agenda and notes

European Group of Gaming Addicts (EGGA) business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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Jan 8th, 2022 meeting agenda and notes

Post by Robert »

The format and agenda of the Jan 8th business meeting for EGGA at 20:30 CET (Central European Timezone), 14:30 EST (Eastern Standard Time).
Agenda items may be added or removed by group consensus during point 4.
  1. Opening
    1. Opening Serenity Prayer
    2. 12 Traditions
    3. Meeting etiquette/rules of order
  2. Who is taking notes?
  3. Review previous minutes
  4. Setting the Agenda Items and their order.
  5. Report from GSC
  6. Service Positions
    1. Report on current positions
    2. Open positions (Co-chair, 2nd Whatsapp Admin)
  7. Agenda Items:
    1. Spreading knowledge of the Business Meeting at regular meetings
    2. Communicatin to/between Meeting Leaders
    3. Zoom Camera Use and Video Distractions
    4. Sharing in the Solution vs The Problem
    5. Limiting time for meeting shares when crowded
  8. Group Questions
    1. Are we carrying the message?
    2. Is the group stable/growing?
    3. Do you feel safe in the meetings?
  9. Closing Serenity Prayer
The next EGGA business meeting will be on Saturday February 5th, 20:30 CET, 14:30 EST.
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Re: Jan 8th, 2022 meeting agenda and notes

Post by itsjess »

Participants: Robert, Jess, Terry, Ilya, Denny, Navin, Xander, Nabil, Gina, David and Fabian.
Robert is the chair, Jess is taking notes.

Opening Items

Report from GSC
• David & Terry share that they’re not 100% clear on what’s going on for the GSC meeting being held tomorrow 01/08/22.
• Denny is suggesting that the GSC inquired if there was going to be a name change of the group, nothing is set yet. David confirmed it’s been brought up but not been put on an official agenda.
• Xander addressed that it was very concerning that there was no official agenda for the GSC meetings that were available. Which is seconded.

Service Positions
Report on current positions:
• Ilya has nothing to report for the admin for the WhatsApp app, which is great!
• Robert has nothing to add on the share from the chair position.

Open Positions (Co-chair, 2nd Whatsapp Admin)
• Jess volunteered as Co-chair
Jess has been voted as co-chair and will reside in this position for 6 months.

Additional Notes on Open Positions
• Terry - asking if maybe we should consider how long the chair positions are for, so we can avoid running into voting for roles again.
• Denny is suggesting that co-chair becomes the chair at 6 months; but final decision is that we will address this matter in 6 months when Robert and Jess' term is up.

Agenda Items:
1) Spreading knowledge of the Business Meeting at regular meetings
• Xander: that they are addressed in the beginning of every meetings
• Ilya: chair’s send out official email for this information, same as item #2.
• Robert: as a member, non-chair, that after the co-chair submits the meeting minutes to also send out an email to every leader to give them details on how to proceed, what decisions were made etc.
• David: “Can the business meeting provide guidance to the chairs about such issues as the silencing private chat, etc? That he didn’t know how to do it today. Also he agrees that there are problems with implementing our business meeting decisions into each daily meeting.

Have the EGGA business meeting be announced at every EGGA meeting, not just the ones a week prior. Making it more known that fellows have a voice and vote.
APPROVED: 7 ayes, 1 abstain

2) Communication to/between Meeting leaders
To mail minutes to all chairs via email after business meetings so they can announce it at the meetings.
APPROVED: 8 ayes

3) Zoom Camera Use and Video Distractions
• Xander: That it is important to show yourself on camera so you’re more present, engaged, for everyone involved, and helping others feel safe. He shared that in his meeting that he leads he suggests that folks turn on their cameras in the beginning of the meeting.
After the welcome statement share:
“We want to encourage you to turn on your camera, because we have found that this can contribute to a good atmosphere of recovery during the meeting.”
• Ilya: Think that it must still remain voluntary. It can feel really uncomfortable. Does not think that it’s necessary to be mandatory.
• Denny: This is a difficult issue as she thinks it might be that we are mindful of the video and treat it as if they were in person meeting.
• David: “I have been in meetings where the video is requested mainly for assuring that the individuals qualify (as in a meeting for women only, or men only). I do support the idea of requesting video participation.
• Robert: Shared that folks were mostly positive about the statement of requesting to have cameras on in other meetings he has been in.

Have a universal request for all leaders to gently request (BUT NOT MANDATORY) attendees to turn their cameras on, to help them as well as other fellows feel present and motivate them to be more involved in their recovery. But are welcome as they come. - Suggested text in welcome statement, “We want to encourage you to turn on your camera, because we have found that this can contribute to a good atmosphere of recovery during the meeting.”
APPROVED: 6 yes, 2 nays, 1 abstain

4) Sharing in the Solution vs The Problem
• Ilya: Thinks that this is important for the fellow that uses the meeting to cry in the meeting and uses it as a dumpster, then leaves everyone else in their waste. Our meetings aren’t psychotherapy meetings to just dump their feelings. To try and ask that shares are aligned with their experience with their recovery.
• Xander: That it’s clear if someone shares that they don’t want to recover, the primary requirement of these meetings is that you want to recover. So it’s easy, they’re not considered a member. His suggested statement, “We try to share the message not the mess.”
• Terry: Asking if there is support we can give them? If it hasn’t been already.
• David: “I’m part of another fellowship in which this was happening. We adopted a statement like this: ‘We ask that everyone when they share focus on trying to understand this program better, exploring the principles such as the steps and traditions.’
• Denny: “We encourage you to focus on the solution rather than the problem.”
• Nabil: Newcomers may not understand what the solution/problem, or message/mess is?
• Robert: Having people with more time of sobriety under their belt to share in the beginning of the meeting to set the tone for the newcomers.

To add in the etiquette, the line: “During our shares, we try to focus on recovery experience rather than the problem.”
APPROVED: 7 aye, 2 abstain

5) Limiting time for meeting shares when crowded
• Denny: shared a proposal for limiting the meeting shares to be around 3-4 minutes for all meetings.
• Jess: Limiting folks’ time to share will hopefully reign in their shares and be more deliberate with what they say. Less word vomit.
• Xander: Seconds what Jess shares, to help limit the word vomit.
• Ilya: Does not think that the time limit should be on EVERY meeting, just on meetings where there is a larger attendance.
• Robert: Does not necessarily think that silence is a bad thing, if some meetings have that silence it could be okay. And is for this motion.

Change sharing time in meetings to 4 minutes when 15+ attendees people. Reminding chair’s that they have the liberty to adjust share time as they see fit.
APPROVED: 8 ayes, 1 nay

*** End of Meeting ***
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