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Oct 2, 2021 meeting agenda and minutes

European Group of Gaming Addicts (EGGA) business agendas, notes, topics, and discussions
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Oct 2, 2021 meeting agenda and minutes

Post by Scott »

1. Election of chair
2. Election of co-chair
3. Cross talk statement
4. Readings at each EGGA meeting viewtopic.php?f=11&t=917&p=3501
5. Volunteer admins for EGGA business chat on whatsapp. viewtopic.php?p=3519
6. Standardizing the business meeting format viewtopic.php?f=11&t=916
7. Meeting Leader Decision Tree proposal
8. EGGA business vs mini-single-meeting group conscience viewtopic.php?f=11&t=921
9. Statement on zoom video distractions viewtopic.php?f=11&t=954
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Re: Oct 2, 2021 meeting agenda and minutes

Post by Scott »

Current business meeting format (may be modified during agenda item to revise)
1. Intro
a) Welcome to all, welcome to new attendees
b) Opening prayer or affirmation
c) Who can vote, meeting etiquette and rules of order
d) Who is taking notes?
2. Review previous minutes and approve
3. Reports (no GSC rep at this time)
4. Open positions to fill: Chair, Co-chair, GSC reps (2), EGGA WhatsApp admins (2)
5. Agenda

a) Present initial agenda
b) Are there new items to add?
c) Is there an urgent item that needs to be moved up?
6. Discussion of each agenda item
a) Ask for item presenter to present the problem and, if there is one, a solution to propose
b) Any clarifying questions?
c) Brief general discussion of problem and possible solutions
d) Discussion of proposals in order they were made
7. When meeting time is near its end, call for a vote to adjourn or extend meeting time.
8. Announce next business meeting time for remaining agenda items
9. Closing prayer for serenity

Opening prayer:
In this business meeting, may we remember
How desperately we need each other
How we are guided by power greater than ourselves
And how all voices comprise the group conscience

Let us strive to maintain unity above all
To place principles above personalities
And to seek solutions that best meet all needs
That we may continue to be of service
to the still suffering addict who comes to us

Prayer for serenity:
Higher power grant us the serenity
To accept the things we cannot change
The courage to change the things we can
And the wisdom to know the difference
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Re: Oct 2, 2021 meeting agenda and minutes

Post by adrigottlieb »

Saturday, 2 October 2021 2:30 pm EDT

EGGA Business Meeting
Attendance: Ilya, Scott, Xander, David, Robert, Woody, Denny, Leon, Rik, Gina, and Adrienne
Ilya stated Nabil’s proxy had been given to him, and that he would be voting on Nabil’s behalf.

Opening Meditation

There was an immediate discussion on the efficacy and fundamental fairness of a member bringing another member’s proxy, and as the group appeared to be reaching consensus on this issue of proxy voting in a 12 step program, Ilya said he withdraws Nabil’s proxy, thereby stopping any discussion.

Approval of Minutes from 4 Sep 2021 & 16 Sep 2021
- 4-Sep-2021 approved: no Quorum. General Agreement to put up an EGGA Business
-16-Sep-2021 Approved as amended. 5-0-6
Amended note: [added to last sentence] “…because we were out of time at the meeting.”
Old Business
Election of Chair for EGGA Business meetings - 6 month term commencing at November Business meeting. Names for Chair: Xander and Adrienne both volunteered for the position. Adrienne is the new Chair by simple majority
Election of Co-Chair for EGGA Business Meeting. Names for Co-Chair: Xander and Robert. Robert withdrew in favor of Xander. Xander is the new co-chair by simple majority.

Volunteers for EGGA reps to General Service Committee (2) same 6 month term as above: David volunteered and was gratefully approved by group consensus. General responsibilities to be outlined by the GSC and co-ordinated with this business meeting. A second volunteer will be requested at the next business meeting.

Volunteers for ADMINS for WhatsApp EGGA Business Chat (2) same 6 month term as above: Robert volunteer and was gratefully approved by group consensus. Training will be requested from current CGAA WhatsApp Chat ADMINS. Concerns are to be brought, as needed, to EGGA. A second volunteer will be requested at the next business meeting.

Motion to extend the business meeting 30 more minutes was seconded and approved.
Request for Crosstalk statement to be read at every EGGA meeting
Report of Subcommittee
The Statement was read. Denny made a request to add the wording specifically addressing not giving advice during shares. Committee members gratefully accepted the request and a motion was made and seconded to accept the statement and put to a vote:
Motion and Second to Approve Crosstalk Statement: Passed by simple majority.
Motion and Second to Approve the reading of the Crosstalk statement (as approved above) at every EGGA meeting just prior to topic selection: Passed by simple majority
Our goal is to listen and hear each other, not "cross-talk" or make suggestions.
This specifically means:
- not speaking/chatting during shares
- not speaking directly to or about someone else's share during your own share
- we refrain from private chat during someone's share, unless asked to be spiritual greeter or timekeeper

In turn, we share, using "I" statements from our own experiences about our journey as we recover from gaming addiction.
Format of the Business Meeting
Suggestion of the Chair: table this item to the next meeting. No one objected - this item will appear under Old Business at the next meeting

New Business
How items are brought for EGGA Business
There was discussion, no resolution. Item to be continued
Motion to extend the business meeting 15 more minutes was seconded and approved.
Request for Statement regarding video distractions on Zoom
There was discussion, David volunteered to craft a statement. Motion and second to approve with the vote 6-0. Motion approved.

Meeting readings: We discussed having a permanent reading (like the Twelve Steps) at meetings and the autonomy of individual meetings to choose a permanent reading or not. Tabled until next month.

There was discussion regarding the 7th tradition and the 7 daily EGGA meeting - no decision
Someone recommended an interim meeting, the new Chair & Co-Chair agreed to take this up and set a meeting date.
Next Meeting time:
Saturday 6 November 2021 at 2:30 pm EST in Zoom2
4:15 pm EDT
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