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Experiences and Personal Stories of Recovery from Video Game Addiction


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Forum Etiquette

To keep discussions safe and respectful for all, including minors who visit the forum, please treat each other with respect and patience.  Self-monitoring of these issues is encouraged.

  • No offensive, insulting or sexually explicit content.
  • No debate or controversy. We share experience, strength and hope.
  • No interpersonal drama. Please address all interpersonal issues through other means of communication.


Although the C.G.A.A. website refers people to the discussion forum linked here, C.G.A.A. International Services does not maintain or monitor it. The discussion forum is maintained by the Original Online Meeting Group, who do not represent our International Services nor our fellowship as a whole.

Anonymity reminder

Our Eleventh Tradition states, “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films and internet.” It is important for our well-being as recovering individuals as well as for the unity of our fellowship that no individual member or members present themselves at the level of press, radio, films or internet as spokespersons for C.G.A.A. Each of us speaks for himself or herself only.

We suggest that members refrain from posting full names or identifiable photographs on public websites connected to our fellowship, for their own protection as well as to protect C.G.A.A. from the possibility of being identified in the public mind with any single member’s opinions or behavior.