Directions for Skype

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Directions on how to create a new user

How to add the cgaa-chair to your Contact list:

  1. Under the Contacts menu, choose Add Contact -> Search Skype Directory
  2. Type in cgaa-chair
  3. Right-click CGAA and select Add To Contacts.
  4. The meeting host will add you as a contact and invite you to the meeting.

Skype conventions:

1) Immediately press the microphone icon to mute your microphone and any noises (background sounds, keyboard clicks, coughs, etc)


2) Press the chat bubble to enable chat.


3) Type an asterisk into chat to indicate you want to speak.

4) Please keep cross-talk to a minimum.  Interrupting comments by voice or chat can be very distracting to the speaker and listeners.


I’m nervous about sharing by speaking instead of typing. Skype has a chat box for sharing by chat. You can try out a Skype meeting and share by text. No one will give you flak for using chat or pressure you to use voice. Perhaps, after hearing people talk and laugh and connecting by voice for a few meetings, you will be inspired to try it too.

I don’t want people in my house to hear the meeting. We can use headphones to listen and use Skype’s chat box instead of speaking when we share if there are people nearby who shouldn’t overhear.

I worry about remaining anonymous. You can create a new Skype profile with no personal information. You do not need to include a personal picture. You can remain completely anonymous if you wish by entering a false name and address. If you do not want to use your personal email account for registration, you can create a new email account on gmail or yahoo, also with false information, and use it to register on skype.

I have a slow internet connection. If you join a Skype meeting but people can’t hear you well, you can switch to sharing in the chat box. If you can’t hear other people, you can ask the meeting leader to make the meeting a chat-only meeting so that all can participate equally well.