Directions for meetings on Mumble


Online meeting schedule Typical meeting etiquette
  1. Download the Mumble client software (Windows, Mac or Linux).
  2. Run the install file, using its default settings.
  3. Run Mumble (from the Start menu, in Windows.)
  4. In the Audio Wizard in the Configure menu, skip ahead to Voice Activity Detection and select Signal-To-Noise Ratio.
  5. Skip ahead to Quality & Notifications and set Notification Settings to Keep custom Text-To-Speech Settings.  Skip ahead and Finish.
  6. In the Certificate Wizard in the Configure menu, choose the default settings for Certificate Authentication.
  7. In the Server menu, choose Connect.
  8. Click Add New…
  9. Enter CGAA Online,, 8130, and a name and press OK.  (If you get an “invalid certificate” error, choose a different name.)
  10. Highlight CGAA Online and press the Connect button.
  11. Under the Configure menu, disable Text-to-Speech.
  12. Under the Configure menu, choose Settings.  Click Network and disable Download plugin and overlay updates on startup.


Voice meeting conventions:

Please keep cross-talk to a minimum.  Interrupting comments by voice or chat can be very distracting to the speaker and listeners.

If people have trouble hearing you, you can switch from speaking to typing in the chat box.



I don’t want people in my house to hear the meeting. You can use headphones to listen and use the chat box instead of speaking if there are people nearby who shouldn’t overhear.

I worry about remaining anonymous. You can remain completely anonymous if you wish by entering a false name, such as your middle name or first two initials.  We suggest not using any of your gamer names.

I have a slow internet connection.  If your connection is too slow, try lowering the quality setting.  In the Configure menu, choose Audio Wizard.  Press Next until the Quality & Notifications section and choose Low quality.

I’m nervous about speaking. You can try out a meeting and just listen or share by text. Mumble has a chat box for sharing by chat. No one will pressure you to talk if you’d rather not.