Attending meetings of other fellowships

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Attending meetings of other fellowships

The circumstances, habits and problems of each of the various obsessions of addiction, such as with drinking, drugs, sex, gambling, and overeating, can vary widely. On the other hand, successful recoveries from addiction (regardless of its focus) all seem to follow a similar path that deals with very similar issues. Thus we can learn very much from the members and literature of other recovery fellowships.

In particular, we recommend checking out open meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.* All people are welcome at open meetings, while closed meetings are intended for those with a desire to stop drinking or drugging. A.A. meetings have several advantages, as the oldest and largest fellowship with tens of thousands of locations around the globe, and with decades of experience in recovery. N.A. also has many meeting locations and decades of experience. Some N.A. groups welcome addicts of any type to attend and participate. Most A.A. groups ask that non-alcoholics refrain from speaking during group discussions. If one group seems unwelcoming, try out another one. Each group has their own personality and is autonomous in how they run their meetings.

Face-to-face contact and mutual support with other people in recovery can be a powerful life-changing experience. While a C.G.A.A. fellowship is yet forming in your area, you can learn much from the existing fellowships. You may learn important lessons on recovery principles, working with others, running meetings, sponsorship, working the steps, and countless other topics. You may run across fellow sufferers from compulsive gaming, as it is not uncommon for people struggling with one addiction to substitute with another behavior such as gaming.


* If you have suffered compulsions with money, gambling, sex, sugar, or overeating, you might experiment with local meetings of Debtors Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous, Food Addicts Anonymous, or Overeaters Anonymous.